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Planned Engineering Services

Our client Planned Engineering Services Limited have a site located in central London that had issues with poor flow and subsequent comfort temperatures within their Heating and Chilled Closed Water Systems. Resulting in tenant complaints in regards to their air conditioning.

The Problem:

The site had historical issues with poor water quality including corrosion, erosion, biofilm formation, subsequent blockages of small bore pipework and microbiological fouling of the heating and chilled water closed systems. All effecting the buildings air conditioning and thermal comfort for the tenants.

Works Photos – Pre and post flush water samples.

Works Photos – Pre clean strainer.

Works Photos – No loss side stream filtration.

Works Photos – Post clean strainer.

The Solution:

The system was flushed to BSRIA BG29/2012 standards and a new no loss side stream filtration system was installed at the request of the client to ensure that any suspended debris entering the system on completion of work is removed whilst not exposing the system to further corrosion and scale through loss of water treatment

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“Three Counties Water should be commended for all efforts on this project.”

Landlords Consultant

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